Wednesday, 29 November 2023

Hi Tony,

I really can't describe just how fortunate I feel to have been part of Sunday's event. I honestly felt as though I was allowed into a mystical or sacred place, a place of warmth, love and friendship. A special place where every dream seemed attainable. I kept asking myself how I ever came to be there. Now, I know at times over the years, you have questioned yourself, we all do, but you absolutely need to believe that you have left an everlasting mark on the hearts & minds of so many. Some students may not clearly understand or realize the immeasurable impact you've made on their lives until several years have passed, but believe me dear friend, they will.

On Sunday, I learned a tremendous amount in just one of your classes and I will forever benefit from it. I sincerely hope to be able to spend more time with you and Kitch and I know that all things are possible because of people like you!

My weekend journey to King's College inspired me to write "You Just Never Know" and I sincerely hope you understand just how grateful I am. With all my heart, I thank you!

Keep smilin' and laugh often!

All the best,

You Just Never Know
In Honor of Lasting Friendship

It’s amazing that with all the planning, all the strategy and all the resources available to us…
there are still so many things we don’t have, nor ever will have, control over

Life really does take some unexpected twists & turns and it's just
remarkable to have found someone like you around the bend

Thank you for being an inspiration when inspiration is scarce
Thank you for being objective when options are few
And thank you for being supportive in times of need

A friend like you comes along very seldom in life
A true friend, whose presence can never be
adequately assessed, but without it, the world is faint

So, thank you for being my friend
and for helping to guide me on my journey
For where it will end…you just never know
- Greg O’Brien © 2005

On May 8, 2005, Greg O' Brien performed the song, "Angels Among Us" at the Senior Breakfast held for the students who participated in the Miracle At Lake Placid Project. Click below to hear the song.

Click Above to listen to "Angels Among Us"