Saturday, 02 March 2024

A Bibliography of the Miracle

I found and reviewed sources about “The Miracle on Ice.” The information will then go into an extensive annotated bibliography. I participated in conference calls with Ross Bernstein, author of Remembering Herbie and Wayne Coffey who wrote The Boys of Winter.

I chose to do print research because I like to know about all aspects of a project. Moreover, research will be a large part of my job as a newspaper reporter. The interviewing experience will also be invaluable in my line of work.

While working on this project, I learned that achievements are not the result of miracles. They are the product of hard work and luck.

During this project, I learned that individuality and blatant honesty can be harsh and lonely. However, they are the cornerstones to progress. If one doesn’t understand where weaknesses lie, one cannot make the changes to move towards a higher level of performance. I also learned the value of pressing forward instead of spending too much time on self-praise or self-pity.

The project has made me become more self-motivated.