Saturday, 02 March 2024

The History of a Miracle

The green van with gold trim pulled around the circle at King’s College twice for me during The Miracle at Placid Project. The first time it was Doc in the driver’s seat, and I quickly found out that he was a no nonsense guy when he was on location. His first words when he greeted us “Let’s go fellows… No time to waste. We’ve got to make Cheshire, Connecticut by noon.” My first shoot, what a marvelous experience!

The second time the green van trimmed with gold rounded the circle, Kitch was in the driver’s seat and the atmosphere was the same. Off to Lake Placid we rode, equipment piled high to record the relighting of the Olympic flame.

I’m the story-teller, the painter of pictures for the people who couldn’t come along on our trips. As the scribe for both the Connecticut and the second Lake Placid shoot, I tell the story from my point of view, detailing the moments that a camera can’t capture. In addition, my art adds another dimension to the entire project.

The goal of this project is to make college seniors look beyond the scope of their academic work to find within themselves a spark that will drive them to set the bar higher. During this project I learned that hard work, persistence and a great deal of stretching can help a student reach that bar. It also results in building character along the way.

The values that I’m going to walk away from this project with are service, creativity and persistence. Much of this I learned as an occupant of the green van with a gold stripe.