Saturday, 02 March 2024

Miracle or Myth: An Analysis of the Movies about Team USA.

From the roar of the thousands in the crowd to the shouts of a tense coach, cinema has taken the success of the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team and given it new life, especially for new generations. Whether it is on the big screen of the theater or on your television at home, producers have attempted to recreate this tale of epic proportions. The three films I analyzed were successful in bringing that historic moment to life. Each offers a unique view of the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team. My project will analyze each movie and include the difference in story lines, the historical accuracy and movie critics’ opinions.

Films have always been something I could immerse myself in. What better way to contribute to this project than to watch films based on this amazing event? Film may be the closest I can come to comprehending what emotions took place with each member of the team.

I learned that hard work is the bottom line when trying to achieve one’s goals and that the impossible is possible. I have also learned that a miracle is not always a miracle but rather a matter of determination and perseverance.

The values that I will try and refine are determination and preparation. These are, in my opinion, the quintessential values to live a successful life.

This project has taken the magic in the Miracle on Ice and removed any illusions I had of the event. It has shown me that the underdog can achieve the unthinkable. The path to success is difficult and painful, but the end result makes all that comes before it worthwhile.