Saturday, 02 March 2024

Reflection of Perfection

My project is a customized, innovative poster for Practicum Class of 2005. This work showcases Coach Herb Brooks, the man who took a group of young men with different backgrounds and got them to believe in themselves and to achieve what most people thought was the impossible. He had a unique and hard-nosed style of coaching, and with photos of Herb Brooks and his team, I wanted to illustrate his legacy and his life...AGAIN, AGAIN, and Again.

I was assigned the task of creating the project poster. This will be put on display to give people a small glimpse into the life of one of the greatest coaches of all time, Herb Brooks. His legacy, his life, the young men of 1980, and what they achieved will forever be known as a “miracle” on that day in February 1980.

I selected this portion of the project because I love to be creative and come up with new ways to convey a thought, event, and a philosophy. I'm an artist at heart and have created posters for other projects and they turned out well. I like to think if Herb Brooks saw my finished work he would possibly nod his head and crack the slightest of smiles.

The lessons I've learned from Herb Brooks are unforgettable. His never-give-up, dare to dream attitude makes you think about so many aspects of life. No matter how challenging things can be, there is always a way to overcome any obstacle. Herb Brooks coached and made the impossible possible, and if you work hard at your dream you won't be afraid, you won't be intimidated, and you can achieve your goal.

The most important values Herb Brooks helped me refine are loyalty, responsibility, and honesty. He always said exactly what was on his mind and was honest with his players and family. I have been fortunate to be raised with values similar to the ones Herb Brooks had, and I look up to him as a great coach and human being.

Who would have thought the first visit to Lake Placid, NY by Doc and me would turn into what it is today? The words remarkable and amazing are understatements. I will never forget this project, Doc, the miracle at Lake Placid, Herb Brooks, and the students who I worked with to make it all happen in the end. It is one of the greatest accomplishments of my life, and I'm happy to be a part of it.