Saturday, 02 March 2024

48 Hours in Lake Placid - Perspective in Warp Speed

Coach Herb Brooks instilled values in his players. I decided to study five values of Coach Brooks: perseverance, dedication, motivation, preparation and inspiration and show how he taught these values to his players. Dr. Anthony Mussari, a carbon copy of Herb Brooks, teaches these values in his senior seminar and practicum classes. I will show how he teaches his students these values in the classroom and how they relate to Herb Brooks and our Miracle at Placid Project.

I chose this project to learn more about Coach Brooks and his values. I wanted to know if the values Brooks emphasized had anything to do with successful team building. In doing my research, I noticed that our teacher, Dr. Mussari, has many things in common with Coach Brooks. I want to show people how leaders like Herb Brooks and Dr. Mussari teach values that enable their players and their students to be successful in life.

The most important value I learned was preparation. I went into the project and the trip to Lake Placid with great enthusiasm. I did research, but it wasn’t the most appropriate research. My knowledge of the coach, the team and the Olympics was superficial. I was not as well read. When my mother told me to buy Wayne Coffey’s book, The Boys of Winter, and read it before the Lake Placid trip, I blew her off. When I got to Lake Placid in February, I was not prepared. I learned my lesson the hard way. Since then I have read several books on Coach Brooks, Lake Placid and the Olympics.

The values I learned from Herb Brooks are perseverance, dedication, motivation and inspiration. I now realize that these values are essential to anyone who wants to grow and become a better person. Moreover, these values may very well be the keys to success in life. On my journey to becoming a successful event planner I will remember these values and they will help me to become more focused, more prepared and more industrious.

The Miracle at Lake Placid Project helped me to learn how I can incorporate these values in every aspect of my life

During the last few months, I learned that it is important to become immersed in the projects I am working on. I have to stay focused and persevere to the end. Nothing is accomplished without a lot of hard work, time and dedication. I want to excel as an event planner. I want to reach my potential. I want to do the best I can therefore, I must set high standards, and work hard to reach them. What I now believe and what Coach Brooks taught are best described by Craig Dahl, the St. Cloud Head Coach and former Brooks assistant: “He left a legacy of helping people and of demanding that they strive to be the best that they can be. He demanded excellence. It wasn’t always about winning and losing either. I mean he was totally satisfied if he felt that he had gotten the best effort out of his team or out of a person, because then he could build on that.”

The same could be said of our teacher and coach of the Miracle at Placid Project.