Sunday, 16 June 2024

Mike Lewis composed original music for the Miracle at Placid Project. He attended the screening of Miracle in Windsor Park, and during that visit he began to conceptualize his music.

He presented a lecture demonstration in our seminar room on creativity and the art of composing music and performing.

He returned to Windsor Park to work with Matt Harm, D.J. Pizzani and Doc on a Saturday afternoon. During that visit he provided a scratch track of his music.

Later he contacted Gene Cotton a well known performer and family friend. Working with Cotton who produced the music in Nashville, developed the title, "I Say Fly".

Click Above to listen to "I Say Fly"

"I Say Fly" was written by Mike Lewis, Cut Across Publishing, BMI, and Gene Cotton, People Song, ASCAP. It is protected by US Copyright laws and it may not be copied or reproduced without permission of Mike Lewis.