Sunday, 16 June 2024

Dear Tony,
I am in a state of shock.................................I cannot believe my eyes, seeing what you have done.
I know that you have certainly made your dream come true......................thanks so much for dreaming.
All that you have done is truly amazing.
Patti B.

Today just blew me away. It really was an amazing experience and truly a great day. Thank you, and thank Kitch for everything.

The website is spectacular, Jacky loved it too.

This past weekend was a most memorable one for my family and me. I will never forget it. I am thrilled with the award I received. I could never have achieved this without your guidance and help. Without practicum and seminar I would have a void in my life.

The weekend was almost like an inspirational retreat for me. The outpouring of love and gratitude expressed throughout the weekend was like nothing I have ever experienced. You truly are loved by many. I hope that you can feel that outpouring of love for you.

You brought out "the best" in everybody. Not only the students, but yourself, the parents, Greg O'Brien, Mike Lewis....everybody in your presence. I have never experienced anything like your Senior Weekend. Your video, "The Miracle at Placid, Part 1: Dreams" was just incredible.

You are surrounded by such clever people-you have made quite a name for yourself-and yet you draw no attention to yourself. I think that is how the human spirit is supposed to be-soaring above it all-yet so down-to-earth that the only thing left inside is peace. To me-you represent peace. When everyone else says no-you say fly.

William Shakespeare was born to write, Herb Brooks was born to coach and Anthony Mussari was born to teach. I believe it is truly rare for someone to find and realize their true calling. You are fortunate to have realized this in your lifetime; however it is your students who are the biggest beneficiaries of this confluence of insight, passion and high standards. Don't ever forget this because nothing has ever been more true.

Thank you so much for this weekend. My whole life, I have always sought approval from my parents. They are tough. They have high expectations for me. I want to just thank you for giving me the opportunity to validate myself to them this weekend. They enjoyed all of the presentations and were very impressed by you. I will never for get this moment, the way I feel right now and all of the moments you've given me. Thank you so much.

I'd like to thank you for this weekend and for giving my mom the moment you talked about all year. Thanks for everything.

The event was so much more than I ever anticipated and I was truly thrilled and honored to be part of it. Thanks, Doc... It was my pleasure!

I want to thank you for a great weekend. My parents really enjoyed it.

I can't wait to see the new page. The website is awesome.

I want to thank you for this semester and especially this past Saturday. I don't believe my parents ever had the chance to see me in any academic endeavors since I was young. I'm sure that after my youth in which I was on the verge of expulsion from high school, then dropping out and receiving a G.E.D. and barely making my way through community college, my parents were overwhelmed with our presentation. I say our presentation because Dr. Mussari without your guidance it would never have been. Through my sarcasm and jokes I really did enjoyed our semester together. It is sad that this was the last semester for you and your teaching because everyone after our class will never experience what we had the great opportunity to be part of. Again I would just like to say thank you for being a teacher.

I want to thank you for a great weekend. My parents really enjoyed it.

I just finished talking to my mom and dad about the day's events and
how great everything was. I was so moved by the emotions displayed in the auditorium and at the dinner.


I just wanted to say Hello and Thank You for the wonderful weekend that you provide for my family and me. My parents enjoyed every minute of the weekend as did I. I also wanted to say Thanks for all that you have done for me in this past year.

I had no idea that so much was tied up in one weekend! Whew - what an undertaking. Good for you that it was a fulfilling and positive way to end at Kings.

I especially love that you NEVER gave up on me. It would have been all too easy for you to sweep me under the rug as just another unappreciative snot-nosed punk kid who showed little respect for authority. But you didn't give up. You continued to challenge me, you "got in my face" as you said, and the result was a student who left college bound and determined to prove himself to you. I continue to do so to this day, and I will never stop trying to prove myself to you. While none of my current accomplishments or actions can make up for the lost time, I do hope that our continued friendship and communication will help me to continue improving personally and professionally every day of my life.

I wanted to let you know that the past weekend was incredible. My parents were very pleased to see that I got the most out of my education, thanks to you and Kitch. Thank you for everything you have done this year, it's been amazing.

My family and I were so moved by what we saw at the Senior Breakfast on Sunday.
My daughter and I had just watched "Mr. Holland's Opus", together, a few weeks ago, and so for her, it was like experiencing the movie first hand.
She loved the screening of "Miracle at Placid" and hearing the student's one minute drills.
I told her that I hope someday she has a teacher like you who will make that kind of impact on her life.

The first part of "Miracle at Placid" was incredible. You have a way of bringing the best of people to the surface. You put so much positive energy into the world ... If we all did this, the world would be a much better place. Watching "Miracle at Placid" made me feel like I could achieve anything.

Saturday was one of the proudest days of not only my life but my mother's as well. For her to sit in the audience 10 feet away from me and see her only son do great was something I’ll never forget. The expo and banquet were great and she was proud to be there as was my aunt.

I thought that senior weekend was a fitting end to our project and to your time at King's. It was professional, but fun. It was respectful of our hard work and, yet, definitely celebratory. The conference call from Mike Eruzione was a creative substitute for his presence...and, well-placed. As a history lover, my grandfather sat fixated for the better part of the presentations...Dad cried, as a father.

The first episode in the Miracle at Placid Series, "Dreams,"… was my story. It was OUR class's story!
It was the first and biggest stepping stone to the Miracle at Placid Series.

The weekend Dr. Mussari was a very special weekend. Your words to us throughout the semester… were the truth … I did feel my special moment.
I felt like I accomplished much on May 7th. I felt like I contributed to the Miracle at Placid Project and it felt very good.

Thanks much for everything you helped me with this year. I honestly will never forget the things that you, Kitch, and Herb Brooks have taught me. I now understand what you have been saying all year about how hard it is to leave something that you love so much and put so much dedication into for so much of your life. I know I haven't put in nearly as much time as you have, but I really think I understand… Every word I said at the expo wasn't just research, but also from my heart. Thanks for the wonderful things you had to say about it. That was definitely one of my most unforgettable moments at King's.

Thank you Doc. Thank you for everything. This semester, the project, senior weekend, and just for being who you are. Not enough people, even including students, truly understand who you are and why you do what you do. I'd like to think that I do.
No matter what I do, I won't forget the values of hard work, integrity and most importantly honesty.

Doc and thank you for everything you taught and showed me this semester… I will never forget you and Kitch. Every moment together was a learning experience. I was looking over the site today and it is amazing. Have a great summer and please keep in touch and ill do the same.